DNS Pool

UDP źNetworks DNS Table:

[ Down ]
[ Domain: UDP.ro ]

Subdomain <- Pointing To -> Address
ns.udp.ro To
ns2.udp.ro To
ns3.udp.ro To
mail.udp.ro To
wow.udp.ro To
radio.udp.ro To
cs16.udp.ro To
www.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
dc.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
cs.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
irc.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
ftp.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
share.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
forum.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
support.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
cstrike.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
ntop.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
borg.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
bugtracker.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro
pvpgn.udp.ro CNAME To ns.udp.ro

[ Subdomains ]

Subdomain <- Pointing To -> Address
lng.sytes.net To
shell.servequake.com To
bucharest.servequake.com To
cservice.servequake.com To
no.idle.ro To
link.idle.ro To
( mirror for ntop.org )

[ UDP.ro Servers ]

Status IP Address or DNS Description
www.udp.ro HTTP Server
dc.udp.ro DC++ Hub
ftp.udp.ro FTP Server
irc.udp.ro IRC Server
share.udp.ro Samba, File Sharing Server
radio.udp.ro Radio ShoutCast Server
pvpgn.udp.ro PvPGN Server (Private)
wow.udp.ro World of Warcraft Game Server
cs.udp.ro Counter-Strike 1.6 noSteam #1
cs2.udp.ro Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam #2
kz.udp.ro KZmod 1.6 p47 noSteam #3

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[ DNS Service ]

* If you would like a subdomain using our domain you can complete this form.
* Note that we currenlty don't have a control panel where you can adminster your dns,    everything will be handled through email.
* The DNSs are managed manually by one of our Staff.
* We're not a free dns service, this is experimental only.
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