Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 01:19:32    2008-09-30   

It's been a while since we've posted our last news. Know that we're still alive and running, we'll keep running as long as we can.

We also have a good news, take it as a spoiler, another server is planned to be born.
Our primary objective is to ease some of the traffic/cpu load on the main server to the new one, make a load balance between them. We don't know yet when we'll install the server, but it will be very soon.

Thanks to the people who are continuing in supporting us.

Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 15:08:10    2007-03-04   

Incepand cu data de 05-Apr-2007 domeniul nu va mai fi disponibil datorita unor probleme ce au avut loc in aceasta perioada cu

Noi nu mai avem acces la control panel-ul de la astfel incat sa putem administra domeniul. Toate incercarile de a-i contacta au fost in zadar, din cate am intzeles staff-ul a pierdut controlul asupra serviciilor lor in urma unor probleme provocate de unul dintre CEO. Vezi aici mai multe detalii.

Domeniul curent va fi inlocuit cu "", toate subdomeniile (cs,ftp,irc,dc,radio,wow,www,mail,etc) vor fi "transferate" catre noul domeniu. Domeniul este disponibil si-acum.

Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 07:13:19    2006-11-14   

Sorry for the inconvenience, there was a power failure for about 2 hours.

We're back online.

Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 04:53:59    2006-10-27   

Planned shutdown tomorrow at 13:00 o'clock.
Reason: We've decided to switch to ubuntu 6.10.1 linux, because our current OS (slackware 10.2) has become unstable.
Estimated time until reopening: 3 hours.

Thank you for your support, and we'll continue to announce our current state.

Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 16:07:42    2006-10-16   

Santo has been relieved from his duty and he is no longer a staff member.

He was replaced by the new CS Administrator (Supervisor) Raziel.
He will have the same privileges that Santo had, therefor raziel will be in charge from now on.

Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 01:46:00    2006-09-24   

CStrike Control Panel has been opened again. Reconstructions were finished.
Now we're still testing the new security code, and checking for other bugs that may been forgoten.

An interesting ideea was suggested from a CS Admin, and that is to make different levels for users access's.

Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 21:29:41    2006-09-22   

CStrike Control Panel will be closed for maintenance.
We'll begin the reconstruction in a few days.
We have a new plan for the site's structural integrity.


  • Adding new security modules.
  • Adding some bug fixes in the php code.
  • New functions will be implemented for a better maneuverability.
  • Removing SID from the url (Session ID).

  • Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 21:12:14    2006-09-22   

    We have made some major changes for the past few months to our network.

    Barracks Internet Caffe is no longer our internet provider, it has changed to our new one "Asociatia Millennium IT"
    We are in continue developing and changes so you'll maybe notice some feature upgrades.

    In memory of Barracks Internet caffe....

    Update: UDP źNetworks News by Admin 22:43:55    2006-09-19   

    We have enlarged our network by recruiting a new server:
    Check it out at Routing section.

    The new server provides World of Warcraft Gaming Server for the wow gamers.

    Talk on-line on our WoW forums.

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